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“Robot Taekwon V” in the East Sea!
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-“Iron City” Pohang to host a special exhibition featuring miniature figures, quirky landscape paintings, classical animations from July 23 to July 25 -

Gyeongsangbuk-do announced that it is hosting an exhibition - “The Story of Robot Taekwon V by the East Sea” - featuring Korean cartoons and comics, including “Robot Taekwon V,” at the Robo Life Museum in “Iron City” Pohang-si between July 23 and July 25.

Robot Taekwon V is an original production about a Korean robot that uses Taekwondo to fight evil. When it was first released in the theaters on July 24, 1976, it became an instant sensation, tallying 180,000 viewers in Seoul alone. To this day, it remains one of the best-known first-generation animated movies produced in Korea.

On the first day of the Exhibition (July 23), The Robo Life Museum will have a ceremony to declare July 24 as the “Taekwon V Day,” to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Robot Taekwon V and to celebrate the day the animated movie was released in cinemas for the first time ever. Then on July 24, the Exhibition will have an autograph-signing session with director Kim Cheong-gi, the creator of Robot Taekwon V, between 13:00 and 15:00.

Meanwhile, the exhibition hall at the Museum will showcase a wide variety of exhibits, including Taekwon V figures, quirky landscape paintings by director Kim Cheong-gi, and classic animations/illustrations. The Exhibition will also feature a photo zone where visitors can take selfies or photos with massive figures. The most notable exhibit for this Exhibition might be the quirky landscape paintings. With an interesting blend of traditional landscape painting techniques and Taekwon V-inspired motifs, the paintings will give visitors a glimpse into the creative mind of director Kim Cheong-gi.

In addition, the Exhibition is expected to offer a number of different hands-on activity programs, such as Taekwon V-shaped air freshener making programs, Taekwon V board game sessions, quirky landscape coloring activities, and Taekwon V brick figure making programs. The Exhibition organizers will also hand out an art brochure, created to celebrate the 44th birthday of Taekwon V, to all visitors. The brochure will include ination regarding director Kim Cheong-gi’s biography, how Robot Taekwon V was born, and other works of director Kim after Taekwon V.

Due to social distancing guidelines in place against COVID-19, all visitors must keep at least 2m away from each other inside the exhibition hall. Visitors without masks may be prohibited from entering the premises. Admission is set at KRW 2,000 per person, and access to the exhibition hall will be limited to 20 or so people at any given time.

Kim Nam-il, the Head of the Pan East Sea Regional Headquarters, said, “This Exhibition is meaningful in that it is a gathering of records about Taekwon V and director Kim Cheong-gi, who is regarded as the top director from Gyeongsangbuk-do. I sincerely hope it gives the people of Gyeongsangbuk-do a chance to enjoy some much needed cultural content, which has been hard to do due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”
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