Andong International Mask Dance Festival

Nurturing Export-based Agriculture & Fisheries

The province is actively developing export-desirable agriculture and fishery products, export policies, a specialized agriculture and livestock export complex, and an export-facilitating aid fund, is creating exports for overseas markets, and is developing high-quality agricultural products.

Export Target: US$220 million

Agricultural products-137(62%), Fishery products-77(35%), Livestock products-4(2%), Foresty products-2(1%)

Special Export Centers: 53

  • There are 4 floriculture centers in Gumi, Chilgok, and other cities.
  • There are 19 apples centers in Cheongsong, Bonghwa, and other cities.
  • There are 17 fresh-vegetable centers in Gimcheon, Seongju, and other cities.
  • There are 13 centers for pear, grapes, and persimmons in Sangju, Yeongcheon, and other cities.
  • Expansion of Export Aid: Export promotion funds, competitiveness enhancement projects
  • Development of Overseas Markets: Participation in international expos, hosting of special sales exhibitions
Nurturing Export-Based Agriculture & Fisheries