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Transportation & Logistical Systems

Gyeongsangbuk-do is building an organized transport-logistics system to prepare for the era of Korean reunification and for Northeast Asia by linking ports, express roads, railroads, and airports. It is actively promoting a U-shaped, balanced system that connects Western, Southern, and Eastern Korea.


  • Airport
    • Pohang ↔ Seoul (2 times a day; 50-minute flight)

Ship Ports

  • Pohang, Guryoungpo, Wolpo, Hupo, Ulleung
  • Pohang's New Port of Yeongil Bay is under construction to facilitate the simultaneous loading, unloading, and anchoring of 24 container ships with 30,000-ton loads.

KTX (Express Railroads)

  • Gyeongbu KTX Level 1 was opened on April 1, 2004.
    • The construction of Gimcheon Railroad Station is targeted to be completed by 2010.
  • Gyeongbu KTX Level 2 (East Daegu-Busan) (2010.11.2)
    ※ Daegu downtown section scheduled to be completed in 2014
Transportation & Logistical Systems

Road Conditions in the province and country roads: 7,255(70.4%),paved-5,176(71.3%),Unpaved-2,079(28.7%)  2.Local roads: 2,272(22%),paved-2,262(99.6%),unpaved:10(0.4%) 3.Highways: 781(100%)

Highways under Construction: 7 lines, 390 km/KRW623.8 billion

  • Joongbu Inland (Gimcheon-Hyeonpung): 62 km/KRW141 billion
  • Daegu-Busan (Daedong) Section: 30 km/KRW197.4 billion
  • Gyeongbu Highway Extension: 94 km/KRW136.6 billion
  • 88 Highway Extension: 21 km/KRW5.53 billion
  • Pohng-Ulsan Section: 42 km/KRW1 billion
  • Sangju-Yeongduk Section: 106 km/KRW5 billion
  • Sangju-Cheongwon Section: 35 km/KRW87.5 billion

Railways under Construction: 9 lines, 668.4 km/KRW594.8 billion

  • Gyeongbu RTR Level 2 (downtown section): 125 km/KRW395.6 billion
  • East Sea Southern Line Double Track (Pohang-Ulsan): 76.5 km/KRW52 billion
  • East Sea Central Line Railway (Pohang-Samcheok): 165.8 km/KRW70 billion
  • Daegu Line Double Track (East Daegu-Yeongcheon): 34.9 km/KRW10 billion
  • KTX Pohang Direct Line: 3.8 km/KRW25.1 billion
  • Pohang Youngil New Port Entrance Railway: 11.0 km/KRW1.5 billion
  • Central Line Double Track (Dodam-Yeongcheo): 186.3 km/KRW6 billion
  • Daegu Metropolitan Area Subway Network (Gumi-Gyeongsan): 61.8 km/KRW1 billion
  • Daegu City Railway (Line 2) Gyeongsan Extension: 3.3 km/KRW33.6 billion

Transportation & Logistical Systems