Andong International Mask Dance Festival

International Trade

Gyeongsangbuk-do reiterates its goal of promoting the globalization of its local economy by seeking various channels for exports in and around the global markets and dispatching public officials to export-desirable countries to face the challenges of the era of endless economic competition all over the world.

Dispatching Public Officials to Export-desirable Countries

  • Tokyo, Japan (1), Osaka (1), New York, USA (1), LA, USA (2), Beijing, China (2), Chennai, India (1), Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1)

Development of Overseas Markets (2006-2010 statistics)

  • Dispatch of Market Development Team: 572 enterprises over 80 sessions
  • Participation in International Trade Expos: 1,235 enterprises over 154 sessions

Export Assistance for Local Businesses

  • Export insurance premium and international standard certification assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Express mail service (EMS) costs and translation/interpretation service assistance for the enhancement of small and medium exports
  • Operation of Gyeongbuk Trade Academy, offering courses such as Essential Practical Trade Course for SMEs
International Trade