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Dokdo shrimps that Trump was also satisfied, first released in Dokdo seas!
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-300,000 young coonstriped shrimps released by Gyeongbuk-do Fisheries and Resources Institute-
Gyeongsangbuk-do Fisheries and Resources Institute announced on May 31 that 300,000 young coonstriped shrimps, known as "Dokdo Shrimp," will be released into Dokdo seas for the first time on "Sea Day”.

Generally speaking, “Dokdo shrimp” means that Donghae Sea specialty shrimp caught in the sea near Dokdo, and the following 3 species are called collectively: Morotoge shrimp (aka: Southern rough shrimp, Red prawns), Spiny lebbeid shrimp (aka: Spiny lobster) and Coonstriped shrimp (aka: Fleshy prawn). All 3 of these are high-end premium shrimp and the Dokdo shrimp released from the institute is ‘coonstriped shrimp’.

The institute has purchased only adult mothers that have eggs in their stomach since November last year, and they are hatching them directly in the laboratory. They are healthy seeds of 1.5~2.5cm in length, which was hatched directly at the research laboratory and raised for 5 months.

The coonstriped shrimp is a large species with a total length of up to 25cm, it is a typical coldsea fish inhabiting in Ulleung-do in the East Sea of Korea, Dokdo seas, the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. In addition, the large-sized shrimps longer than 20 cm in length are the luxury shrimps priced higher than 200,000 won per kg (more than 15,000 won per one). It has been famous for the Cheongwadae Welcome Dinner in November 2017 at the visit of Donald Trump the President of the United States in Korea.

Since 2013, the company has produced and distributed about 5~10 thousand young morotoge shrimps every year in order to expand the resources of the East Coast shrimp. Last year, we succeeded in producing coonstriped shrimp seed for the first time in Korea and has been released to Ulleungdo. But this is the first time that a large number of young coonstriped shrimp are produced and released to the Dokdo seas d on the accumulated technology.

This release will be carried out in conjunction with the "Gyeongbuk Sea Day" event held on May 31 in Ulleungdo. To maximize the natural survival rate of young shrimp after release, by erwater discharge system, direct discharge hoses are used to discharge water to reef areas where shrimps live.

Kim Nam-Il, the director of the headquarters of the Korean East Sea Rim of Gyeongsangbuk-do spoke about the plans to contribute to the income increase of fishermen, and continually using and preserving high quality fishery resources of the Dokdo seas by strengthening the effective control of our territory Dokdo and discharging a large amount of fisheries that fishermen prefer, such as Dokdo shrimps and Dokdo king abalones.
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