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Signed an investment MOU with Dooilcap Inc., a beverage plastic container manufacturer
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At the Yecheon County Office on Thursday, June 20, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Yecheon-gun signed a Memorandum of erstanding with Dooilcap Inc., a maker of plastic containers of beverages.

About 20 people attended in order to conclude the Memorandum of erstanding, including Jeon Woo-Heon the Vice Governor for Economic Planning of Gyeongsangbuk-do, Kim Hak-Dong the Mayor of Yecheon-gun, Do Gi-Wook a member of the Provincial Assembly, Ahn Hee-Young a member of the Provincial Assembly, Shin Hyang-Soon the Vice-President of Yecheon-gun Council, Kang Moon-Gyu the C.E.O of Dooilcap Inc., etc.

Dooilcap Inc. (C.E.O Kang Moon-Gyu) is headquartered in Gwangju of Gyeonggi-do, manufacturing plastic caps, aluminum caps, and lug caps, with annual sales of 9.3 billion won, and is a ‘Global Small Giants’ enterprise exporting to not only domestically but Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.

Dooilcap Inc. invested 20 billion won for 3 years until 1822 at the 18,294.6㎥ of no. 2 agricultural and industrial complex site of Yecheon-gun. By installing beverage container production facilities, Yecheon-gun is expected to become a mecca for the beverage industry with an annual market size of 200 billion won.

In addition, the main reasons for the decision to establish a new investment location in Yecheon is delicious spring water, cheap land, the government's desire to attract investment officials, and also in neighborhood there are Tulip International Inc., Wooil Beverage Inc., Newlife Co., Ltd. and OKF Corp. in Andong Bio Industrial Complex, which is said to be advantageous having natural resources and collaborating with related industry.
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