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Ocean Research Base of Ulleungdo, Dokdo Defends Marine Territory
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- 31 volumes of thesis, 11 volumes of books, 30 patents for 6 years enhancing research -
-Operate fish holder for the first time in Ulleung, Proceed local cooperative project operating Marine production class in Ulleung high school -
Ocean Research of Ullengdo, DOkdo holds 6 years of ing since January 2014 at Hyunpo-ri, Buk-myun, Ullengdo.
Ocean Research of Ullengdo, Dokdo (hereafter “Research ”) has established for Dokdo Protective Policy at Gyeongsangbuk-doas an action of Dakesima’s day of Japan in 2005 establishment, and KIOST got consignment operation since 2014.
There are total 18 members are working including 8 researchers, 8 administrative members, and 4 doctor researchers, and half of them are from Ulleng-gun which contributes to create regional jobs.
Research plays roles of △Dokdo Precise monitoring △Monitor and preserve marine ecosystemof Ullengdo & Dokdo △Breeding marine fishery resources & research higher-value added marine business △OMarine territory training program operation,
And especially, as Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries assigned research as an institute of supporting visitors of scholarship research, it also plays roles of adjustment and management of Dokdo local research.
Research achieved 31 volumes of best papers (Complex characteristics of Dokdo & Behavior features of sea urchin, etc.), 11 volumes of books (Marine territory of Ullengdo, Dokdo from sky), 30 patents and trademarks (Behavior & respiration of microbiot), and also per cooperative activity with domestic/overseas institutes with 170 times of marine territory educations, 32 times of academic events.
Also it works as a committee of National Geopark of Ulleungdo, DOkdo, manager of Ulleungdo marine protective area, Planner of auto-book of Ullengdo, Planner of Ullengdo Natural World Heritage registration, Consultant of Ullengdo new deal 300, Protector of Cultural heritage of Ullengdo, and also supports manless drone for any accidents, operates fish holder for the first time and political fishing area, course experience education for students, marine science experience program, practical program for marine production class of Ulleung high school, and youth supporters of Ulleungdo to solve local issues and cultivate talented manpower.
Head of Ulleungdo Dokdo Ocean Research , Jangkeun, Lee, stated “I have worked with a mission of pioneer to keep marine science technology and marine territory, and will do the best to activate innovative local research and to solve local issue to live altogether.”
To achieve innovative improvement and outstanding output of Ullengdo and Dokdo marine research, it requires to hire more professional manpower for marine observation and marine life, and install research ship for Dokdo and Visitor center of Ullengdo marine protective area.
Fortunately, thanks to efforts of Kyungsangbuk-do & KIOS, there is a high possibility of making research ship of Dokdo and visitor center of Ullengdo marine protective area with 2020 government expenditure toward an innovative change point as a role of research and marine territory education.
Head of East sea Strategic Industry, Kangwon, Jeon, stated “I give thanks to effort and cheers of research which played as center role of Ullengdo, Dokdo marine research in a difficult situation, and this time is the most important time to set as a national institute, so progressive support from nation is required for marine research aro Dokdo."
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