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Medical Care Service

Categories of Medical Organizations

Categories of Medical Organizations
Primary care facilities Clinics that mainly care for outpatients (e.g., general practice clinics, dental clinics, Oriental-medicine clinics)
Secondary care facilities Hospitals with various departments that can accommodate up to 30 patients
Tertiary care facilities General hospitals with various departments that can accommodate up to 100 patients

* In principle, patients are supposed to go to primary and secondary care facilities first, but emergency patients are exceptions.

General Procedure of Treatment

Treatments are carried out in the following order: (1) submit application; (2) wait near the window of the concerned medical department; (3) upon being called, get diagnosed or treated at the treatment room; (4) after treatment, pay the treatment fee and receive the prescription; and (5) submit the prescription to the pharmacy for medicine purchase.

  • Health center : A medical office being operated by the government that offers basic disease treatment, medical checkup, and vaccination services, and that provides basic medicines for free or at discounted prices

How to Purchase Medicines

In South Korea, SDP (separation of dispensing and prescription) is being practiced. Therefore, doctors' prescriptions are required for the purchase of medicines from pharmacies. Medicines for simple symptoms such as headache and indigestion, however, can be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription.

Foreign Medical Service

  • Supported
    • Foreign workers, foreign workers' children, women migrants who have married South Korean nationals but whose naturalization is in progress, and women migrants' children
  • Medical support details
    • A hospital bill and operational charge not exceeding KRW10 million will be covered.
  • Medical service support
    • Hospital bill and operational-charge support
  • Affiliated hospitals
    Affiliated hospitals
    Hospital Location Telephone
    Pohang Medical Center Pohang-si, Buk-gu, Yongheungno 36 (054) 247-0551
    Gimcheon Medical Center Moam-gil 24, Gimcheon-si (054) 432-8901
    Andong Medical Center Taesa 2-gil 55, Andong-si (054) 858-8951
    Andong Sungso Hospital Sangseomullo 53, Sangju-si (054) 850-8821
    Sangju Red Cross Hospital Sangseomullo 53, Sangju-si (054) 530-3107
    Uljin-gun Medical Center Hyeonnaehanggil 71, Uljin-eup, Uljin-gun (054) 785-7015
Standard Children Vaccination Schedule

Standard Children Vaccination Schedule

  • BCG: Vaccination within four weeks after birth
  • Hepatitis type B: HBIG and vaccination should be done within 12 hours after birth, followed by a 2nd and a 3rd vaccination in 1 month and 6 months, respectively, if the pregnant mother was found positive for the hepatitis type B surface antigen.
  • DTap: Dtap combined vaccination
  • Td/Tdap: Additional vaccination at the age of 11-12 is recommended. (Tdap is planned to be covered beginning in 2012.)
  • Polio: The 3rd vaccination needs to be done between 6 and 18 months after birth, and DTap-IPV combined vaccination can be done.
    *Dtap-IPV: DTap-IPV combined vaccination can be done instead of Drap-IPV vaccination 2, 4, and 6 months after birth, at the age of 4-6. In this case, the same brand should be used for the first three vaccinations, and DTap vaccination can be done between 15 and 18 months, regardless of the brand.
  • Measles: MMR vaccination can be done 6-11 months after birth if there is a measles breakout, but an additional MMR vaccination must be done 12 months after birth.
  • Japanese encephalitis (salk vaccine): The 1st and 2nd vaccinations must be done 12-23 months after birth, with intervals of 7-30 days. The 3rd vaccination can be done 12 months after the second vaccination.
  • Influenza (salk vaccine): Annual vaccination for 6- to 59-months-old infants; the 1st vaccination should be done two times, with 4-week intervals, and thereafter, once a year.
  • Influenza (sabin vaccine): Vaccination can be done 24 months after birth, and the 1st vaccination should be done two times, with 4-week intervals, and thereafter, once a year.
  • Typhoid: Limited vaccination is recommended in the case of contacting a typhoid carrier or traveling to a typhoid breakout area.

* Contact: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (

Urgent Medical Centers
  • Provincial Office
    Provincial Office
    Office Name Telephone
    Public Health Policy Department (053) 950-2837
  • Provincial Public Medical Centers
    Provincial Public Medical Centers
    Name Tel Name Tel
    Pohang, Nam-gu Public Medical Center 054-241-4000 Pohang, Buk-gu Public Medical Center 054-240-7220
    Gyeongju Public Medical Center 054-779-6473 Gimcheon Public Medical Center 054-433-4000
    Andong Public Medical Center 054-855-5986 Gumi Public Medical Center 054-452-2582
    Seonsan Public Medical Center 054-481-4661 Yeongju Public Medical Center 054-631-4000
    Yeongcheon Public Medical Center 054-331-4000 Sangju Public Medical Center 054-535-4000
    Mungyeong Public Medical Center 054-552-3210 Gyeongsan Public Medical Center 053-810-6472
    Gunwi-gun Public Medical Center 054-383-4000 Euiseong Public Medical Center 054-833-0660
    Cheongsong- gun Public Medical Clinic 054-873-7100 Yeongyang-gun Public Medical Center 054-680-6471
    Yeongdeok Public Medical Center 054-730-6473 Cheongdo-gun Public Medical Center 054-372-4000
    Goryeong-gun Public Medical Center 054-954-1300 Seongju-gun Public Medical Center 054-933-2400
    Chilgok-gun Public Medical Center 054-973-4000 Yecheon-gun Public Medical Center 054-654-3801
    Bonghwa-gun Public Medical Center 054-673-4000 Uljin-gun Public Medical Clinic 054-783-1250
    Ulleung-gun Public Medical Clinic 054-790-6472
  • Local/Regional Urgent Medical Centers
    Local/Regional Urgent Medical Centers
    City/ District Name Tel Direct Line
    Andong-si Andong Medical Center 054-821-1101 054-840-1119
    Pohang-si Seonrin Medical Center 054-245-5000 054-245-5200
    Pohang Semyeong Christian Medical Center 054-272-0151 054-289-4658
    Pohang St. Mary Medical Center 054-275-0005 054-289-1711
    Gyeongju-si Dongkuk University Gyeongju Medical Center 054-748-9300 054-770-8119
    Gimcheon-si Gimcheon Jeil Medical Center 054-420-9300 054-420-9500
    Andong-si Andong Seongso Medical Center 054-857-2321 054-850-8129
    Gumi-si Soonchunhyang University Gumi Medical Center 054-468-9114 054-468-9119
    CHA University Affiliated Gumi CHA Medical Center 054-450-9700 054-450-9997
    Mungyeong-si Mungyeong Jeil Medical Center 054-450-9700 054-450-9997
  • Local Urgent Medical Clinics
    Local Urgent Medical Clinics
    City/ District Name Tel Direct Line
    Pohang-si Gyeongsangbuk-do Pohang Medical Clinic 054-247-0551 054-247-6119
    Gyeongju-si Keimyung University Kyungju Dongsan Medical Clinic 054-770-9500 054-770-9420
    Gimcheon-si Gyeongsangbuk-do Gimcheon Medical Clinic 054-432-8901 054-429-8233
    Andong-si Gyeongsangbuk-do Andong Medical Clinic 054-850-6000 054-850-6100
    Gumi-si Gumi Gangdong Medical Center 054-453-7575 054-478-9512
    Seonsan Jeil Medical Center 054-714-1900 054-714-1900
    Yeongju-si St. Luke Medical Center 054-639-9000 054-639-9119
    Yeongju Christian Medical Center 054-635-6161 054-635-3050
    Yeongju Catholic Medical Center 054-639-8100 054-639-8100
    Punggi Seongshim Recuperation Center 054-630-2511 054-630-2511
    Yeongcheon-si Yeungnam University Affiliated Yeongcheon Medical Center 054-338-9000 054-330-7575
    Sangju-si Sangju Red Cross Medical Center 054-534-3501 054-530-3171
    Sangju St. Mary Medical Center 054-532-5001 054-530-7811
    Mungyeong-si Mungyeong Jungang Medical Center 054-555-2011 054-555-2011
    Gyeongsan-si Seomyeong Medical Foundation Semyeong Medical Center 053-819-8800 053-819-8500
    Gyeongsan Jungang Medical Center 053-715-0100 053-715-0100
    Gunwi-gun Gunwi Medical Center 054-383-3531 054-380-7411
    Euiseong-gun Jenam Medical Center 054-832-2036 054-832-2036
    Yeongnam Jeil Medical Center 054-861-9111 054-861-9111
    Tap-ri Seongshim Medical Center 054-834-1048 054-834-1048
    Cheongsong-gun Cheongsong-gun Medical Clinic 054-873-7100 054-870-7119
    Cheongdo-gun Cheongdo Daenam Medical Center 054-373-0606 054-373-0606
    Goryeong-gun Goryeong Yeongsaeng Medical Center 054-955-2661 054-955-2661
    Chilgok-gun Hyewon St. Mary Medical Center 054-979-7114 054-979-7114
    Bonghwa-gun Bonghwa Haeseong Medical Center 054-673-1331 054-679-1234
    Yecheon-gun Yecheon Gwon Medical Center 054-654-6611 054-653-8912
    Uljin-gun Uljin-gun Medical Clinic 054-785-7000 054-785-7119
    Ulleung-gun Ulleung-gun Medical Clinic 054-790-6569 054-791-2110