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Japan must apologize and immediately cease its provocation regarding claims to Dokdo!
Japan must apologize and immediately cease its provocation regarding claims to Dokdo!
- Statement by Governor Lee Cheol-woo denouncing false claims by the Japanese Foreign Minister -

On Monday January 18th, Gyeongsangbuk-do issued a statement strongly denouncing the Japanese Foreign Minister's claims to Dokdo and urged the Japanese Government to apologize and immediately cease making brazen claims about sovereignty over Dokdo.

In his diplomatic speech before the National Diet on the 18th, Japan's Foreign MInister Toshinitsu Motegi, asserted that Dokdo, Korea's territory, “based on historical facts and international law, belongs to Japan”. Such groundless claims have been made by the Japanese Foreign Minister for the past 8 consecutive years since 2014.

In response, Governor Lee Cheol-woo of Gyeonsangbuk-do "strongly warned Japan's Foreign Minister from continuing such ridiculous claims that have persisted for the past 8 years" and declared that he, "as the governor in charge of Dokdo, will stand firmly against Japan's provocations alongside his 3 million constituents."

In addition, “Governor Lee strongly urged Japan, clinging to its ambition of invading Dokdo while persistently and cunningly distorting historical facts, to tender a sincere apology and participate in maintaining international order and world peace.”
2021 to be a year of improving public welfare and turning crises into opportunities
Gyeongsangbuk-do to create a blueprint for intelligent administration.
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