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Night Gyeongbuk Signature, Lighting up the Night of Gyeongbuk.
Night Gyeongbuk Signature, Lighting up the Night of Gyeongbuk.

- Revitalizing the Business Sites of Three Major Cultural Areas... Installing the Night Media Art and Operating the Experience Program -

Gyeongsangbuk-do announced that it will present the three major cultural night tour programs unique to Gyeongsangbuk-do, such as the media art and experience programs suitable for the night of Gyeongsangbuk-do et al, centered on the major business sites of three major cultural areas.

The key point of the Night Gyeongbuk Signature is to upgrade and present the serene impression provided by the nature with the planning of the media art and the night experience programs utilizing the uncontaminated nature, untouched location et al, which are strengths owned by major tourist attractions of the Province as well as the space of the Three Major Cultural Areas.

The business site of three major cultural areas are illuminated by ▷Yecheon Samgang Cultural Complex, displaying an interactive media art (tentatively called ‘Beating the drum and brightening the heart'), where a heart comes out when you beat the drum that attracts the camping families accompanied by their children, ▷ Andong Seonseonghyun Cultural Complex, showing an air balloon (tentatively called 'WITH ME!') that stimulates the ingenious imagination, and ▷Gimcheon Sa-myeong Grand Park which has already become a nighttime tourist attraction with the Peace Tower, adding the message of consolation and hope (tentatively called‘the Cheering Song of Light’) that shines brightly in the movement of visitors.

It is impossible to describe the night of Gyeongbuk only with the splendid light that the media art boasts. The genuine night of Gyeongbuk, in which you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Gyeongbuk, is completed with the experience program named “Sleep Concert, which you can listen while sleeping”

“Sleep Concert, which you can listen while sleeping”is a night experience program focused on healing and cure prepared for you to feel Gyeongbuk most charmingly, and it is an unusual night tour which makes you enjoy a comfortable sleep while listening to a live music in the nature where you can see the stars.

This program is planned to be operated six times in the following three major tourist destinations of Gyeongbuk, twice in each place: Andong Byeongsan Confucian Academy which preserves simple and beautiful Korean style; Yeomyeong Humanities Healing Center in Yeongdeok, which is one of the three major cultural business sites, establishing its foothold with a meditation-centered wellness program; and Bonghwa Baekdudaegan National Arboretum with wonderful natural environment, boasting its scale of the largest arboretum in Asia.

‘Night Museum Tour (Gyeongju),’which is another experience program, links at least six popular exhibit halls and museums in Gyeongju, including Gyeongju National Museum, to be opened at night and operated as an event program by planning a free pass available during the night time.

In addition, from May, various experiential tourism products utilizing the business infrastructure of the three major cultural areas will be released one after another. Starting with five business sites, including Gimcheon Sa-myeong Grand Park, the business operator will directly operate a variety of experience tourism products tailored to the characteristics of the business site, instilling a certain and immediate vitality across the business sites in the three major cultural areas (planning to add the business sites of Gimcheon Sa-myeong Grand Park, Andong Seonseonghyun Cultural Complex, Mungyeong ECORALA, Gunwi Samguk Yusa Theme Park, and Yecheon Samgang Cultural Complex).

Kim Sang-cheol, the director of Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau said, “Through the ‘Night Gyeongbuk Signature' designed to make you feel the night of Gyeongbuk, where the beauty of nature stands out as it is, we once again come to confirm the possibility of the three major cultural business sites established on the basis of the natural background of Gyeongbuk and at the center of the cultural area. We ask for your great interest in various programs to revitalize the three major cultural areas, which are operated in earnest, focusing on the competitive edge of Gyeongbuk's unique resources, including the locational conditions (healing, cleanliness) of the three cultural areas, and substantial experience content products.”
Gyeongsangbuk-do to stimulate online sales of its “Top-60 Experiential Tourism in Gyeongsangbuk-do” products
“Yeongdeok Goeshi Village” provisionally designated as a National Folklore Cultural Heritage
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