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Gyeongbuk to Impose Level 1.5 Social Distancing
- Social gatherings of 100 or more are now banned, including festivals, events, and conventions, etc.
- Stronger limitations on capacity and business hours imposed on key facilities and general control facilities depending on the characteristics of the facility

The Provincial Government of Gyeongbuk, South Korea announced that it is now raising the social distancing measure level to 1.5 for two weeks, from December 1, 00:00 to December 14, 24:00 in accordance with the recommendation by the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters to impose social distancing level 1.5.

The average of the daily new cases over the past week (November 23 to November 29) was 416, which satisfies the condition to impose social distancing level 2 all over the country. Even though the number of daily ed cases was only five over the past week in Gyeongbuk, while Daegu had only 1.6, which are well below the condition to raise the social distancing level to 1.5, the province still decided to impose level 1.5 social distancing measures as the community spread of COVID-19 continues.

As a result, the strengthened social distancing measures to be imposed on venues used by multiple patrons or key control facilities (9 types) will replace the existing level 1 measures. As a result, clubs and five other types of entertainment businesses will be subject to the limitations that will prohibit dancing, changing seats; the door-to-door sales promotion facilities will have to be d after 21:00; Karaoke and indoors standing perance facilities will have a limited capacity of one person for every 4m2, while eating food in these facilities is prohibited. Restaurants and cafes of the permit area of 50m2 or beyond, instead of the previous 150m2 or beyond, will now be subject to the more stringent control measures.

The general control facilities (14 types) will be subject to the three duties of disease control, which are, respectively; mandatory mask regulations, visitor logging, periodic ventilation, and disinfection, while their capacity will be limited to one person for every 4m2 d on the characteristics of the facilities. Especially, public saunas and indoor sports facilities will be subject to the new regulations prohibiting eating food in these facilities due to the cases of outbreaks.

As for the national and public facilities, depending on the characteristics of these facilities, horse racing circuits, casinos, boat racing, or bicycle racing courses will have their capacity limited to , while the rest of these facilities will have down to 50%. Social welfare facilities, including daycares, will remain , with strict disease control measures in place.

The same will go for daily lives, as well as social and economic activities. The same regulations will apply to the events or gatherings of more than 500 as in level 1, while some events (demonstrations, large-scale concerts, conventions, festivals, or academic conventions), where chanting, singing, prolonged explanation, or dialogues are involved will be limited to 100 participants.

The mandatory mask-wearing regulations will now be applicable to, on top of the scope of mandatory mask-wearing in level 1, outdoor sports facilities, while the sports events will be limited to only 30% of its usual capacity.

As for religious facilities, the number of people who can attend a service or other religious gatherings will be limited to 30% of the total seat capacity, while the provision of meals during such religious events will be prohibited.

Schools will have to comply with the 2/3 density rules, while public agencies will have 1/3 of their total workforce work at home. Private businesses are encouraged to follow suit, as well.

Governor Cheolwoo Lee of Gyeongbuk province said these measures are “necessary to prevent the community spread of COVID-19 while minimizing the set back in the economy and inconvenience of the people” and added that “the citizens are to follow the key social distancing measures and mask-wearing regulations.”
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