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Andong International Mask Dance Festival
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Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, to implement up to Step 2 for social distancing
- Quit operations of entertainment facilities (5 business types) after 23:00 PM, prohibit gatherings, meetings, and events over 100 persons
- Quit operations of most of the priority/general control facilities after 23:00 PM, limit the space 4 ㎡ per one person in the facilities

According to the recommendation of step 2 social distancing by the National Emergency Management Agency, Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do will raise it to ‘Step 2 social distancing by Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do’ from midnight on December 8th to midnight on December 28th for 3 weeks.

The Province held the expert meeting with advisors in the Infectious Diseases Control Supporting Group of Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do on December 7th, discussing the needs of raising to ‘Step 2 social distancing’ to strengthen some quarantine guidelines and the required facilities maintaining the current Step 1.5.

During the recent week (from November 30th to December 6th), daily numbers of diagnosed patients were 9.6 and 5.6 persons in Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do and Daegu, respectively, on average, which did not reach the cutoff line of Step 2, 60 persons per day for a week, however, they decided to raise it to Step 2 according to the continuous expansion of COVID-19 cases to the community.

The main items of Step 2 social distancing by Province of Gyeongsangbuk-do are to maintain the quarantine level of Step 1.5 for entertainment facilities (5 business types) such as clubs (prohibitions of dancing and movement between the seats, and limitation of one person per 4㎡ area) and their operations after 23:00 PM will be hold.

In case of door-to-door sales and direct sales promotion centers, number of personnel will be limited as one per 4㎡ area and operations after 21:00 PM will be stopped.

※ Central governmental guidance of Step 2: limit one person per 8 ㎡ area, operation stop after 21:00 PM

Karaoke and indoor standing perance theaters limit number of persons as one person per 4 ㎡area, and their operations after 23:00 PM will be stopped.
※ Central governmental guidance of Step 2: limit one person per 4㎡ area, operation stop after 21:00 PM

Cafes and restaurants over 50㎡ of approved area can operate their services until 23:00 PM and only take out and delivery services will be allowed after 23:00 PM.
※ Central governmental guidance of Step 2: Cafes can provide take-out and delivery services only for all day long. Restaurants can provide only delivery services after 21:00 PM.

General control facilities (14 business types) should follow three quarantine guidelines including wearing masks, control of guest list, and periodic ventilation and disinfection of the facilities. Wedding halls and funeral halls are also limited in the number of guests less than 100. In the other general control facilities, number of users will be limited as one per 4㎡ area and operations will be stopped after 23:00 PM. Also, eating foods are not allowed there.

※ Central governmental guidance of Step 2
- Public bath, entertainment rooms, multirooms, barber shops, and beauty shops: limit one person per 8㎡ area
- Private learning institutes, vocational training institutes: limit one person per 8㎡ area, operation stop after 21:00 PM
- Reading room, study cafes: operation stop after 21:00 PM
- Indoor fitness centers: limit one person per 4 ㎡ area, operation stop after 21:00 PM

Quarantine in the daily and socioeconomic activities will be strengthened, prohibiting the gathering and events over 100 persons and eating foods in the transportation vehicles.

Wearing mask becomes mandatory in all indoors that is the scope of Step 2 guideline and outdoor activities with higher risk. Watching sports will be limited up to 10% of available seats.

With respect to the religious facilities, up to 30% of available seats will be limited for attendants of regular worship, mass, Buddhist ceremony, and so on, and prohibitions of meetings and dining arranged by religious groups are maintained in the Step 1.5 guideline.

Keeping 1/3 level of schooling (2/3 in case of high schools) is the general principle and it can be adjusted up to 2/3 level. Working from home system will be pered up to 1/3 level by institutions and departments for public institutions, while it is recommended at the similar level of public institutions in the private companies.

In addition, all the available preventive measures are prepared by preemptive tests for workers in the social welfare facilities, advice and checking whether the quarantine guideline is well complied in the high-risk facilities such as nursing hospitals, nursing home, and so on.

Chul Woo Lee, the governor, said, “this is to block the spread of infection to the community and the third pandemic of COVID-19 and to minimize the citizens’ inconveniences of the daily lives and shrinkage of economic activities,” and requested the citizens, “to comply with inidual quarantine guidelines such as wearing mask, eating foods in the separate dishes, and so on.”
Gyeongbuk to Impose Level 1.5 Social Distancing
Governor Lee Cheol-Woo, Expect 2021 to be a year of improving public welfare and turning crises into opportunities
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