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Andong International Mask Dance Festival
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Pit-a-patting Culture perance with Gyeongbuk tour!
- 8 times of free perance of music, Korean classic, perance by October -
Pit-a-patting culture perance “2019 Culture Peddler” with Gyeongbuk culture contents agency holds 1st stage on August 3rd 7PM.
“2019 Culture Peddler” is a provincial perance for visitors to activate local tours and 3 cultures (Silla, Gaya, Yugo), so it starts from August to October of summer vacation period at 8 places of 3 cultural tour resources development place with various and attractive genre of perance.
First program is at Gyeongju Hwarang village outdoor stage as TBC special broadcasting program. Musical gala show of “Encanto Soliste ensemble” with professional and passionate new singer in Daegu, Gyeongbuk, “Korea Breakers” B-Boy perance of the best dancers of B’Boy/Poppin/Rocking/Beatbox, and Jazz band who represent their regions, and the famous singers’ live perance of Punch, Hyunhee Shin, JK Kim dong uk, Hyobum Shin for the visitors in hot summer weather with special and precious experience.
“2019 Culture Peddler” will be for 8 times from Gyeongju (Hwarang village) on August 3rd to Cheongdo (New hwarang enjoying village) on October 12th.

Perance Schedule (8 Times)
1 ’19.08.03(Sat) Gyeongju (Hwarang village)
2 ’19.08.10(Sat) Pohang (Yeonorangseonyeo Theme park)
3 ’19.08.17(Sat) Uljin (Keumgangsong Ecorium)
4 ’19.09.07(Sat) Bonghwa (National Baekdudaegan arboretum)
5 ’19.09.21(Sat) Andong (Hahoe village)
6 ’19.09.28(Sat) Munkyung (Ecorala)
7 ’19.10.05(Sat) Goryung (Daegaya village)
8 ’19.10.12(Sat) Cheongdo (New Hwarang Enjoy Experience Belt)
Perance request is to (☎ 053-217-5900), detail location and cast is on homepage (www.gcube.or.kr).
Head of Gyeongsangbukdo Culture Tour Institute said, “Marvelous perance with regional perance and public singers are prepared, so please participate in this events. I hope visitors can enjoy the tour to Gyeongbuk twice more with various perance.”
Ocean Research Base of Ulleungdo, Dokdo Defends Marine Territory
Opportunity to Meet Hidden Village Stories in Gyeongbuk, 2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo
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