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Opportunity to Meet Hidden Village Stories in Gyeongbuk, 2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo
A perfect opportunity to meet hidden village stories in Gyeongbuk
- Holds at Special Exhibition Hall, Mungyeongsaejae, Mungyeong, for two days starting from October 4 -
- Participation of 22 Gyeongbuk villages, full of events including perances, food, and contents -

Gyeongsangbuk-do Province will be holding ‘2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo’ at Mungyeongsaejae, Mungyeong-si from October 4 (s at 14:00 PM) to October 5.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary since 2015, the expo presents a festival where erse stories of 22 representative villages in Gyeongbuk are intertwined densely to provide touch and entertainment.
Expo emphasizes that discovering traditions and stories of rural villages is inheriting the cultures of Gyeongbuk. It seeks to discover hidden village stories from each Gyeongbuk region and make food and entertainment into contents to record, preserve, and hand down the stories of villages disappearing in people’s memories.

The event is hosted by Gyeongsangbuk-do Province and Mungyeong-si and supervised by Daegu Shinmun. With its theme of ‘Walk Along Gyeongbuk Villages with Stories’, the event presents ▲exhibition hall, promotion hall, theme hall, ▲stage event, ing and closing ceremony, village story perance, ▲additional events – event zone, village food contest showing cooperative community with voluntary participation and preparation by village residents.

2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo is a meaningful event with huge contributions on activating local economy and developing brands combining tourist attraction and specialty by utilizing village stories, tradition, and history. Furthermore, village perances with residents, village story perances pleasing eyes and ears, and village food contest with comforting taste of mother will be handed down as traditions of Gyeongbuk and will be become a valuable cultural asset of Korea in the future.
Gyeongsangbuk-do Province made a homepage related to 2019 Village Story Expo and actively promoted the event using Facebook and Instagram to make 22 village stories into a cultural asset representing Gyeongbuk. The expo plans to keep the bond of sympathy saying “Village’s prosperity and development leads to development of Gyeongbuk” and plans to promote the expo as a lasting annual event.

For detailed ination for 2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo, visit the homepage (http://gbstory.daegu.com). Governor of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Chulwoo Lee, said “Village is a starting point of community and homes of residents. The expo will restore the traditions of each village in Gyeongbuk regions and become foation for development of villages”.
Pit-a-patting Culture perance with Gyeongbuk tour!
2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo Marks ‘New Start’ on October 11.
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