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2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo Marks ‘New Start’ on October 11.
Full of innovative contents combining ‘Silla + Advanced Technologies’
ing ceremony with 700 domestic and overseas guests at Culture Center, Expo Park
World’s First Robot Arm & 3D Hologram Perance… Celebration perance from Cambodia and Vietnam
Signboard unveiling ceremony at ‘Gyeongju Expo Park’ with wills of ‘Leaping forward as a permanent healing theme park”

ing of ‘2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo (Oct.11~Nov.24)’ starts countdown for embroidering the falls of Gyeongju with lights and contents applied with glorious culture and history of Silla period and advanced technologies.
On October 9, an official of Gyeongju World Culture Expo (Chairman : Gyeongbuk governor, Chulwoo Lee) said the expo is having a final check and rehearsals for the ing ceremony after 2 days.

[ing Ceremony]
Previously, Gyeongju World Culture Expo started with spectacular large-scale ing ceremonies. This year, however, Gyeongju World Culture Expo starts with an ing ceremony summarizing the contents of 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo.
On October 11, ‘Signboard Unveiling Ceremony’ will be held in Gyeongju Expo Park’s front gate at 1:30 PM. The new signboard ‘Gyeongju Expo Park’ with handwritings of Muho Lee regarded as master of calligraphy shows 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo’s will for a powerful leap forward. The signboard reflects the wills of Gyeongju Expo Park seeking to become a healing theme park for history and culture.
At the same time, an event before ing ceremony will be held at Munmu Hall, Expo Culture Center to adjust the mood in advance.
In the event, 700 guests including Gyeongbuk governor Chulwoo Lee, Gyeongju mayor Nakyoung Ju, National Assembly member Sukgi Kim, and overseas delegates will be participating. The event will start with highlight perance of ‘Infinite Flying’, a perance combining the 3D hologram and robot arm for the first time.
Then, Professor Taekhwan Kwon famous as a principal of bare-foot school will introduce ‘Road of Meditation’. Also, ‘Royal Cambodian Dance Group’ registered on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2008 and ‘Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Folk Perance Group’ will raise the atmosphere. Finally, the ceremony will end with Emile Perance and finale stage.
On 4:00 PM, ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at Gyeongju Solgeo Art Museum to celebrate the ing of ‘Culture, The Key To Our Future’ reflecting the themes of this year’s Gyeongju World Culture Expo
Governor Lee said “This year’s Gyeongju World Culture Expo will be a turning point for the new start. We will be reflecting advanced sustainable contents on history and culture infrastructure we have been building for the last 22 years. 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo will promote cultural competence of Gyeongbuk regions, attract domestic and overseas visitors, and vitalize regional economy”.
On October 11, Governor Lee will be meeting minister of Cambodian Ministry of Culture and vice-chairman of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh People’s Council to seek in-depth exchange and cooperation.

[2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo]
‘2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo] will be held er the theme of ‘Culture, The Key To Our Future’ from October 11 to October 24 at Gyeongju Expo Park.
This year’s Gyeongju World Culture Expo celebrates its 10th anniversary after its first event in 1998. 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo plans to break away from existing ‘Intensive Cultural Expo’ and change into ‘Annual Festival’ that whole families enjoy together at any time.
Especially, Gyeongju World Culture Expo seeks to provide a vision of new culture by introducing advanced technologies on Silla’s 1,000 years of history.
This year’s event includes ‘Millennium Silla, Millennium Future (Convergence Time Trip)’ held at Gyeongju Tower’s top floor (Seonduk Hall), advanced media art titled ‘Silla and Glorious Light (Timeless Media Art)’, first barefoot walking trail named ‘Road of Meditation’ in Korea, and night forest adventure program titled ‘Stars of Silla (Lumina Night Walk)’ will be providing fantastic experiences to visitors.
Furthermore, 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo also features contents including ‘Infinite Flying’ introducing robot arm and 3D hologram for the first time in the world to present the best fantasy. The splendid contents with innovative composition will lead this year’s expo marking the ‘New Start’.

Also, perance festivals by 20 teams from 5 countries enrich 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo. Splendid perances by overseas and domestic perance groups will be continuing at Baekgyul Perance Hall, Expo Park for a month.
For the first ing on October 11, splendid and magnificent perances will fill up the stage. ‘Jinmyung’ is a powerful and dynamic drum percussion group and it expresses the spirit and fighting spirit of Gyeongju Hwarang with drums. An original play ‘Fire Goblin’ utilizing fire and flame shows powerful flame perance.

Overseas perances will be held from the second day. On October 12~13, ‘Royal Cambodian Dance Group’ will be showing Khmer’s classic dance with 1,000 years of history and ‘Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Folk Perance Group’ will be having a concert with unique colors of Vietnam.
On October 13, ‘Indonesian Yogyakarta Folk Perance Group’ will be expressing the Islamic culture in Asia through modern dance sand original dances. On October 25~27, ‘Traditional Dance Group’ from Luxor, Egypt will be demonstrating traditional Egyptian dance’ and original dance inspired by Egyptian environment.
On October 13, there will be a tango perance with Korean tango masters and ‘N.M.C Soloist Ensemble Classic Story’ perance will be held on October 19 and October 26. In ‘Dongri, Mokwol, and Guimun Jeong’, poets, novelists, and lyricists from Gyeongju will be gathering together.

Tickets for 2019 Gyeongju World Culture Expo is available at Gyeongju World Culture Expo homepage (www.cultureexpo.or.kr) and Internet portal sites. Tickets are discounted for advanced purchase made before October 10, a day before ing of Gyeongju World Culture Expo. Especially, people who donated for typhoon damages will be exempt from admission fee to help regions damaged by typhoon. Donate over 10,000 won via Korea Disaster Relief Association and submit an evidential .
Opportunity to Meet Hidden Village Stories in Gyeongbuk, 2019 Gyeongbuk Village Story Expo
Gyeongsangbuk-do signed MOU with P&T to attract 75 billion won in investment
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