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Andong International Mask Dance Festival
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D-2 to the opening of Ho Chi Minh-Gyeongju Expo∙∙∙ See the future of Korea-Vietnam cooperation
ing ceremony held on a special stage at Ho Chi Minh City Hall on the 11th, with about 1,200 local and international participants

The historical ing of the 2017 Ho Chi Minh-Gyeongju World Cultural Expo is only 2 days away. The curtains for the ing ceremony will at the special stage on the streets of Nguyen Hue in the heart of Ho Chi Minh at 7 p.m. on the 11th (9 p.m. Korea time). The streets of Nguyen Hue a square representing Ho Chi Minh. It is the center of sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh and constantly holds various events, like Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul.
The ing ceremony is expected to be graced by about 1,200 people, including Governor Gwan Yong Kim and Chairman Nguyen Tan Phong of Ho Chi Minh People’s Council, who are the co-chairs of Ho Chi Minh-Gyeongju Expo, along with the members of the joint organizing committee, local and international VIPs, the people of Ho Chi Minh and other cities in Vietnam, and international tourists. ing perances will be delivered by both Korean and Vietnamese perers.
The charms of Vietnam will be depicted by the dancers of 봉생 Folk Dance Company and Little Star Dance Company in “The Festival of Spring,” singer Le Quyen and a number of dancers in “The Sunshine of Spring,” and singer Vo Ha Tram and ABC Dancing Company in “The Song of Ho Chi Minh.” The South Korean pering team’s dance, “The Flowers Bloom Together,” will be pered by 34 male and female dancers who will sing and dance in the beautiful palace of Silla, an old empire with a thousand-year history. There will be seven chapters: Prologue, Parade of the King and Queen, Night of the Festival, Destiny, Harmony of Drums, Finale, Curtain Call, and Guests’ Perance. In “Finale,” all the perers will be onstage for “Harmony of Drums” for hope in the future, and the Lotus Dance of the Korean and Vietnamese dancers will symbolize the unity and future of South Korea and Vietnam.
Dokdo Exhibition Center opens in Dallas, Texas
Gyeongbuk Province seeks to spread the success cases of the global Saemaeul Movement
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