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Andong International Mask Dance Festival
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Gyeongju East Historical Zone Banquet of Spring Flowers
Now that the cherry blossoms have come and gone from downtown Gyeongju, the bright yellow rape blossoms have begun to bloom and the pace of springtime picnickers has quickened. In particular, expectations are high for the 4800 square meters of blue rape flowers that are due to open soon to the east of the Cheomseongdae observatory.

This spring, because of unseasonably cool temperatures, the blossoms will be in full bloom around ten days later than usual. Despite the weather, the stems are growing every day, and the waves of golden yellow will be every bit as beautiful as in years past.

Meanwhile, also to the east of Cheomseongdae, an attractive 3000 square meter flower garden has been made. The garden features seven various kinds of spring flowers, including daisies, pansies and tulips. Along the garden is a comfortable red clay road where visitors can walk and talk together, and take pictures to remember their time with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Finally, to the right of the observatory, a wild flower garden has been made in the shape of a peony. It features 26 different kinds of wild flowers, including tiger lilies and daffodils. The simple, colorful flowers and beautiful gardens nicely complement Cheomseongdae and the other valuable cultural heritage sites in the area, and provide the ideal Gyeongju back to feel and reflect on the spirit of our Silla ancestors.
Gyeongju Liquor & Rice Cake Festival
This Spring, Come to Gyeongju
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