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5th National marine sports competition will be open in Pohang
The fifth National Marine Sports Competition will be hosted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and be organized by Pohang city for 9 days from July 22. The competition will be held at Bukbu Beach under the theme of Blue Ocean! Fever Pohang!. This is an event hosted annually by MLTM that aims to raise the public awareness of ocean and promote and develop the marine sports industry.

This year, the festival starts at a time when local municipalities and people show more interest in marina facility development and marine sports such as skin scuba diving, wind surfing and yachting and thereby many people are expected to visit and help to grow local economies.

It will have 5 official games including yachting, beach volleyball, triathlon, fin swimming and canoeing and 3 extra games (ocean swim, dragon boat and rubber boat races). An estimated 4,000 players will participate in the races to show their skill.

In addition, there will be various other experience programs for teenagers and ordinary citizens such as banana boat, fly fish and hot-air balloon, and five-line ocean love poem writing and drawing contents will be held on the beach.

Ocean photo exhibition will be at the lobby of the Pohangcity hall, and diverse cultural festivals such as an international theater festival at the concert hall of the Sunrise Park will make the competition more enjoyable and pleasant.

The National Marine Sports Competition is not only for marine sports players but is aimed at encouraging all Korean citizens to participate and enjoy the festival, says an official from the Ministry.
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