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Dokdo billboard, Dokdo rap -- now Dokdo crane
Following on from billboards, newspaper ads and rap songs, now there’s a crane that promotes Korea’s Dokdo Island.

Two Korean-Americans who are in the signboard business together in Los Angeles are promoting Korea’s rocky island by posting a giant Dokdo themed sticker on the side of their crane.

Amos Park, 50, and Han Yong-seon, 44, have attached a sticker reading “Dokdo, a Beautiful Island of Korea” sticker on the front of the vehicle and another reading “We’re Sorry Dokdo” (in Korean) on the hood. Both stickers also carry an image of Dokdo. What’s more, the two men have fixed “Dokdo belongs to Korea” stickers on their own cars.

Han said in an interview last Thursday (May 6) with the Korea Daily of the Joongang Broadcasting Corporation based in L.A. that it was the least he could do for his homeland. “I’ve always wondered what I could do for Korea outside the country,” he said. “Then the idea of a mobile advertisement hit me, and taking advantage of my signboard skills.”

Park and Han also plan to have circular-shaped Dokdo stickers made for cars and distribute them to other Korean-Americans.

Dokdo, which is located off the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, has been Korean territory since the Three Kingdoms’ Period (57 B.C. ? A.D. 668) and has been called by several other names like “Usan-do,” “Sambong-do” and “Gaji-do.” Japan began to make claims on the island from 1905, during Korea’s decline in the early 20th century. Korea, after liberation from Japanese occupation in 1945, has been making both public and private efforts to better promote Korea’s position ever since.

Other notable promotions of Dokdo Island include a Dokdo LED signboard in New York Times Square arranged by Korea PR expert Suh Kyung-duk and singer Kim Jang-hoon; a Dokdo rap song by Korean students studying in the United States; and a Dokdo signboard near Highway No. 60 in Los Angeles by another Korean-American, Alex Cho. Most recently, Joshua Kim joined in by sticking a Dokdo banner on the back of his car.

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